Learning Kriya Yoga Meditation

Meditation is an enjoyable, re-vitalizing lifelong process. Frequent practice results in constant evolution. My role is to guide students through this journey and since each student is different, I teach meditation adapted to the capabilities of each student. This means that often students learn 1st Kriya in steps. Once a step is well understood, the next step is introduced.

The overall process for learning is as follows:

Weekly Guided Meditation Sessions

Weekly meditation sessions are run from 2000hrs to 2100hrs most Mondays except for Canton Vaud public and school holidays and if noted otherwise in the calendar below.

The sessions are guided and take place in Epalinges, Switzerland. To attend the weekly sessions, you must first have learnt kriya meditation either from someone known to me or myself. Cost is CHF30 per session.

Questions and Answers

Once you have learnt the technique, I can be reached by phone and e-mail whenever you have questions – within reason. My goal is to make sure you are practicing in an optimal manner and to guide you as required.

Ensuring Progress

It’s important to have checks now and again – there is no fixed interval. Call me to fix an appointment. For those who come on Mondays, this step is not essential. For these sessions, it’s entirely up to you if you pay and what you pay.

Live Outside Switzerland or Too Far

If you live outside Switzerland and are interested in learning, contact me as I do run seminars in other countries.

Miscellaneous Points

If you have learnt Kriya from another teacher, you may still be able to join the Monday practice sessions. Contact me for more details.

For various reasons, it is not possible for potential students to come and see the full day session before deciding to learn. If you are interested in learning meditation, the decision you need to make is “do I want to know spirituality (i.e. my self, my source), reduce stress and live a more balanced life and am I willing to put effort in this?” If the answer is yes, the only way is to do it. You can watch the mango, but unless you bite into it, neither the experience nor the result will be forthcoming!

Enter your e-mail address and we’ll notify you of upcoming events.  To learn meditation, please use the contact form and send me a message. See the footer to register.

Entrez votre adresse e-mail et nous vous informerons des nouveaux événementsPour apprendre la méditation, utilisez le formulaire de contact et envoyez-moi un message.  Voir ci-dessous pour vous inscrire.