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Charitable Work

SHELTER LESS FLOOD VICTIMS AND KRIYA YOGIS (KRIYABANS) The Fresh Flood in the River Mahandi and Kathayodi had made a million people shelter less. These victims were living in the open air without food, safe drinking water and basic amenities in the life. A strong group of Prabhujee English Medium School teachers, Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust doctors and some Kriyabans had visited Tunpur, Salipur, Redhua, Jagatsingpur, Niali and Cuttack which were badly affected by the fresh flood. Even volunteers were to take the help of the traditional ship to reach near the victims. They were given food, water pouches, medicines, candles and different relief materials. It was a great challenge for the volunteers to reach the distant villages that had been badly affected by the devastating flood. KRIYA YOGA FOUNDATION TRUST ARANGING ‘SANKIRTAN’ TO LORD JAGANNATH Car festival at Puri is a unique experience that attracts a million crowed every year. Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust every year takes the pleasure in arranging “Sankirtan” as aviation to Lord Jagannath. Relaxing the pilgrims with the fans and sprinkling water on the devotees to reduce the summer heat wave. Distribute food packets, water pouches and medicine to the pilgrims.

Established on April 2002, is a subsidiary of Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust (having its headquarters at Kriya Yoga Ashram, V.S.S Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751004) organization which includes the two major schools at Bhubaneswar and Rairakhol. The first of this kind in the region of Sambalpur, amidst the vegetation of the jungle, the school became quickly renowned in the locality for offering a good level of education, free of cost to the children who had no possibilities of any kind of education at all. Prabhujee Gurukul is now a beautiful place which can accommodate in good conditions more than 160 students of all ages, including the six teachers also. The classes take place alternately; in the morning for the youngest students and in the afternoon for the elder ones.

Any seeker who enters into the meditation temple automatically gets Basic education follows the English model. Courses are given in Oriya, which is the local language of Orissa state. English and Hindi are also taught on a daily basis. Apart of languages, students are taught mathematics and sciences, handicrafts, dance and music, hatha yoga and meditation and also computer basic teaching. The buildings are not yet finished. A boarding school for children living too far to attend school regularly is under constructions. The school was also equipped with a brand new tractor to facilitate the construction and agriculture works. It gains autonomy. Moreover, by installing this school in the hamlet of Swamiji had encountered a scourge in the whole forest region of Odisha: malaria. He saw today his efforts to clean up the area rewards. Mosquitoes are less numerous and the disease is gradually receding. This was a very important factor in stabilizing the teaching staff, people being hesitant to come and work in a risky place. The struggle is still going on. In addition, Swamiji has built, piece by piece, a dispensary bus which is now all equipped and operational to bring free care to the different isolated villages in the jungle.

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