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Cosmic astrology, called Bhrahmanda Jyotis in Sanskrit, was rediscovered by Sri Yukteswarjee, renowned astrologer, astronomer and realized Kriya Yogi. This supreme method existed and was practiced in the satya and treta yugas and during the beginning part of descending dvapara yuga. Gradually, after the middle of dvapara yuga this form of astrology declined and the knowledge persisted with a very limited number of people. Due to the effects of dvapara, people became engrossed in maya and many lost divine knowledge and awareness. At the end of dvapara almost all the true spirituality, self-realization, self-management and control, self-respect (divine attitude with regards to body, mind, thoughts and habits) was lost. People started to depend on others compulsively. Towards the end of dvapara and start of kali yuga, people started worshipping objects, matter, the stars and planets. People made statues of planets and deities with clay, wood and stones until gradually, they just used a stone or a piece of wood and finally from stone to mountain and piece of wood to tree. People started believing that God existed outside. Within this environment of ignorance, qualities necessary for self-realization such as self-management, self-respect and responsibility were either

externalized or forgotten. The idea was established that people were born in sin, with many immoral qualities and that to remove all this it was necessary to externally worship the planets, Gods and Goddesses. With time, the ones who invented this dual method (the concept of sin and necessity for external worship) also became part of organized religion with their roles secured in position of material power. People started to believe that these chosen people were the ones closest to God and that they were the ones who could convey needs and problems to God. These developments shifted responsibility away from the individual to the few and in effect allowed the masses to be led by those who themselves were externally focused. Recorded human history is a testament of the consequences of these developments – wars, gender and caste discrimination, psychological and emotional manipulation, fanaticism to name but a few. This duality created separation between the human being (the microcosm) and the surrounding visva brahmanda (the macrocosm). All ancient heritage, tradition and scientific logical methods of thought and practice were replaced with fanatical and ignorant beliefs. In recent human history, at the beginning of ascending dvapara yuga, many great scientists, engineers and highly influential people have invented or discovered many things.

However these inventions and discoveries have been achieved mechanically, without true love, respect, humility and spirituality. Many scientists struggle to reconcile a spiritual perspective with their sense and time limited observation. Then, just over 150 years into the start of dvapara, in 1855, Sri Yukteswarjee came to this earth. He was not only a spiritual person but a scientist and astronomer who, with love and dedication, re-formulated the great knowledge and method of spirituality. Due to his deep knowledge of the scriptures and his spiritual advancement, Sri Yukteswarjee was able to establish the relationship existing between astral effects and the human body. All astral systems have a direct influence on human beings. The overall human body can therefore be studied and understood as a mirrored relationship with the cosmos. Indeed, the human body is considered to be a miniature form, a microcosm of the cosmos. Thus Sri Yukteswarjee was able to locate the influence of the three levels: physical, astral and causal in the human body. This rediscovered, revised and unique comprehension was partly described in his book “The Holy Science”.

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